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The Versatile Egg Custard David Chang Cooks Weekly
Egg custard is typically made with eggs, some type of dairy, and a little sweetener or savory seasonings, depending on your palate's desires.
However, David Chang takes things up a notch when he creates a traditional Japanese Chawanmushi, which translates to 'teacup steamed egg custard.'
Chang states in his Instagram post that you can use 'broth, mushroom stock, or even milk' to make an egg custard — although he prefers a Japanese stock called Dashi.
The host of "The Next Thing You Eat" seasons his Dashi with fish sauce and agave, which he then pours into a bowl of eggs and mixes together with chopsticks.
The mixture will eventually resemble scrambled eggs, so don't worry if you notice frothy egg bubbles, as they will not affect the end product.
According to the Momofuku founder, the egg custard only takes 14 minutes to be ready once you microwave it, making it a highly convenient option.