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The Veggies José Andrés Loves To Grill With The Skin On
José Andrés is known for reinventing classic dishes, incorporating his Spanish upbringing and culinary influence into hearty meals and cocktails. If you ever visit his Las Vegas restaurant Bazaar Meat, you'll see that grilling is one of his passions, and that’s especially true for veggies, which he often grills whole with the skin on.
The vegetables that Andrés most loves to work with on the grill are eggplants, onions, corn, and potatoes. He tells Food & Wine that he “...grill[s] the whole eggplant; the skin is a good protector for the flesh. Onions are very good if you're patient because you can burn the entire onion outside, and inside the flesh is soft."
Andrés adds that aluminum foil should be used as an extra layer of protection when grilling potatoes, and he prefers to grill vegetables whole rather than sliced. However, many recipes called for sliced vegetables for quicker grilling; corn will take up to 20 minutes, while sliced onions need almost 10 minutes for one side.