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The Vegan Trader Joe's Seasoning That Tastes Similar To Meat
Among all its other signature products that can't be found anywhere else, Trader Joe's offers various seasoning and spice blends with cult followings. For those following vegan diets or preparing meals for vegans, Trader Joe's offers a seasoning that will make everyone's taste buds happy, regardless of dietary restrictions.
Trader Joe’s offers an Everything But The Leftovers Seasoning Blend, which is meant to evoke holiday leftovers such as gravy, stuffing, and turkey. In part, the product contains dehydrated onion, sea salt, black pepper, turmeric, dried celery seed, ground sage, dried thyme, parsley, and rosemary for a meaty taste with no actual meat.
The spice blend also includes baker's and torula yeasts, giving it extra umami flavor that tastes great on roasted vegetables as well as meats, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes. You can even make your own by blending bouillon cubes, onion and garlic powders, rubbed sage, dried herbs, brown sugar, white pepper, and celery seed.