Hershey's Kiss in pink wrapper
The Valentine's Day Candy You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
As the first Zodiac sign, Aries is quite independent and competitive, so their Valentine's candy would be the iconic, beloved Sweethearts candy.
The iconic candies are printed with loving phrases from "I love you" to "Text me," which can help closed-off Aries express their true feelings.
Tauruses are the first Earth signs of the zodiac, making them laidback and loyal, so their Valentine's candy is none other than Hershey’s Kisses.
Few candies are as universally loved as the Hershey's Kiss. Similar to the reliable Taurus, Kisses are always dependable for their smooth, creamy, decadent taste.
The Gemini zodiac is represented by twins, which may seem two-faced, but more correctly represents a variable nature, perfect for Sour Patch candy.
Valentine-themed Sour Patch hearts with their sweet then sour taste are the perfect representation of Geminis, sometimes erratic but always loveable.
The Cancer zodiac is best summed up as a "ride or die" friend, so if they were any Valentine’s Day candy, they’d be Haribo gummy hearts.
Once Cancers open up, they reveal their soft, loyal, loving nature just like squishy gummy hearts and gummy bears with a perfect balance of sour and sweet.
Leos are vivacious, popular, and glamorous, and often assume the world revolves around them, making them the M&Ms of the Valentine’s candy world.
M&Ms have a way of elevating anything they’re a part of from trail mix to cookies just like Leos, who can transform any situation into an experience.