A flat white sits on the counter of a brightly lit East London coffee shop
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The US City With The Most Coffee Shops Per Capita Isn't What You Expect
The National Coffee Association reports that 66% of U.S. consumers drink coffee every day, and many get their caffeine fix from cafes. While Seattle is known for its thriving coffee culture, and it is rumored that you can't walk more than a block without seeing a Starbucks in New York City, neither of these cities have the most coffee shops per capita.
San Francisco is the city with the most coffee shops per capita, with roughly 40 shops per square mile and 235 shops per 100,000 people. This city actually comes in third place for housing the most coffee shops in total, but is the winner in terms of density, and Bankrate estimates that citizens “shell out roughly $1,209 on coffee each year.”
Despite San Francisco’s sheer number of coffee shops per square mile, Bankrate actually named it the second-best U.S. city for coffee. The site put Seattle ahead of San Fran as the "best city to live in as a coffee lover," and Apartmentguide also named Seattle as their number one pick on their list of "best cities for coffee lovers overall."