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The US City That Beat Seattle For Best Coffee Destination In The Country
Out of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., Wallet Hub has announced its 2022 pick for the best coffee destination in the country. You may think the winner would be Seattle, since this Washington city is the home base of Starbucks as well as coffee brands like Tully's and Seattle's Best, but a different West Coast city has taken the top spot.
San Francisco won the crown with a score of 63.53, versus Seattle’s close score of 62.58. Wallet Hub considered factors such as the average cost for a package of ground coffee and the number of coffee shops in each city, and San Francisco received high marks for its notable numbers of adult coffee drinkers and coffee manufacturers per capita.
San Francisco is also the home of Folgers Coffee and the city hosts an annual Coffee Festival, in which visitors can learn about and drink some of the best coffee in the country made by expert brewers. The city has over 528 coffee shops, and it’s worth a trip to visit specialty roasters like Paramo Coffee and Ritual Coffee Roasters.