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The US Airline That Offers The Best Free Snacks
Thanks to cost-cutting measures, free snacks on domestic flights are becoming rare, but among the airlines that still offer complimentary nibbles, one flies far above the rest.
JetBlue may be seen as a low-cost airline, but its complimentary food and beverage selection is head and shoulders above the competition.
Although the airline no longer carries the beloved Terra chips, it offers Cheez-Its, Stellar Vegan Butter Pretzel Braids, 88 Acres Seed Bar, and Chifles Plantain Chips.
As far as sweets, they offer Goodie Girl Cookies, and for beverages, they have a selection of PepsiCo soft drinks and juice, and Dunkin' coffee and tea.
The airline also offers a larger selection of food available to buy, free WiFi for all passengers, and live television for those with a DirecTV subscription.