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The Unusual Way Jamie Oliver Adds Mushrooms To Pasta
Jamie Oliver, otherwise known as the Naked Chef, is a bit of a pioneer. In an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Oliver showed off his cooking skills, but it’s his creative use of mushrooms that proves he’s a master of finding endless new ways to highlight ordinary ingredients.
On “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Oliver stirred up an elegant pasta with a sauce of heavy cream, almonds, red chili, and mint, topping the dish off with some freshly grated parmesan cheese. Things got interesting when Oliver kept the grater out and used it to grate some fresh mushrooms over the pasta.
In Oliver’s words, the mushrooms help make the dish “nutty and fresh with flavor,” which sounds like a great way to elevate any classic dish, like cacio e pepe. However, health enthusiast Leah Itsines has other ideas; she’s a fan of using grated mushrooms to sneak the healthy fungi into recipes to bulk up the dish without people noticing huge chunks of mushrooms.