Delicious strawberry ice cream in a bowl.
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The Unusual Ice Cream Flavor That Piques Interest In Pennsylvania
This summer's heat waves are sure to have you reaching for your favorite kind of ice cream, from classics like chocolate and vanilla to inventive flavors like Moose Tracks and Spumoni. However, there's one particular ice cream flavor that you've likely never tried or even heard of unless you’re from Pennsylvania.
Teaberry is an evergreen plant with bright red fruit that grows along the Atlantic coast, but because the plant doesn’t grow any further west than Minnesota, it’s fairly obscure, which is why you’ve probably never heard of it. But in Pennsylvania, teaberry is an incredibly popular ice cream, and it’s the most commonly Googled flavor in the state.
Contrary to what its name implies, Teaberry doesn’t taste like tea or berries, but you might know the plant by its other name, American wintergreen, and if you’ve ever tried wintergreen gum, you already know how teaberries taste. When added to ice cream, teaberry imparts a brilliant pink hue and has a distinct sweet and tart minty flavor.