Gordon Ramsay posing
The Unusual Food Pairing Gordon Ramsay Fell In Love With In Spain
Although we associate rhubarb with pie, brownies, and jam, pairing it with pork offers an unexpectedly delicious dish that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay approves of.
On a Reddit Ask Me Anything, he recalled the pairing and noted that it shone as a dish, saying, "rhubarb is something we literally eat with desserts, but this dish was incredible."
Ramsay's friend demonstrated superb cooking skills at a backyard party in Spain. He said, "It was a double pork chop that had been slow-roasted over an open pit fire with rhubarb."
Ramsay was filming Kitchen Nightmares at the time and admits, "I didn't think it was going to work, to be honest." However, to his surprise, his friend knocked it out of the park.
A Canadian chef replied to Ramsay's thread and touted his own use of the ingredient combination, while other commenters shared similar recipes to strengthen the cause further.