Shawarma shavings in a Lafa -  flat Iraqi pita with pickles and french fries. A popular fast food in Israel and the Middle East
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The Untraditional Meat That's Popular For Israeli Shawarma
Shawarma is an incredibly popular meal in the Middle East that is similar to the Greek gyro, consisting of meat, veggies, and condiments stuffed in pita bread. This dish is made using a variety of meats such as chicken, lamb, and beef but in Israel, one untraditional kind of meat reigns supreme in the world of shawarma.
On an annual basis, the country that chows down on the most turkey meat per capita is Israel, and much of that meat goes into shawarma, wrapped in either pita or laffa bread. A big slab of turkey is stuck on a large skewer to cook, and pieces are shaved from the sides and stuffed into the bread along with condiments and veggies.
Turkey is not native to Israel, but turkey shawarma is so wildly popular in the country that the average inhabitant consumes over 28 pounds annually. In comparison, diners in America — the turkey's native habitat — only indulge in 16.7 lbs of turkey per year, and that's only thanks to holiday practices such as Thanksgiving.