Tall Starbucks Coffee Cup.  A cup shot on a white background.
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The Unspoken Rule For Ordering Starbucks' Blonde Roast Coffee
Lighter coffee roasts like blonde roasts are popular for a morning pick-me-up, while many coffee drinkers prefer more caffeinated, filling, and flavorful drinks as the day goes on.
Due to this trend, Starbucks locations stop brewing their blonde roast at noon as a cost-effective measure. You can still order a blonde coffee, but be prepared for a caveat.
When a blonde roast is ordered in the afternoon, Starbucks baristas will make a cup with a French press or a "pour-over," rather than a fresh pot for just one customer.
Only some stores will pull out a French press. For a pour-over, the barista pours water over the coffee grounds, pausing between pours for a more precise extraction.
Both pour-over and French press coffee can take several minutes to prepare. Your blonde roast will certainly be fresh, but if you're in a hurry, order something else after noon.