Glasses of alcohol stacked into tower on one another with alcohol pouring into top glass
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The Unspoken Liquor Rule You Should Remember At Parties And Potlucks
At potlucks and parties, it's wise to consider a few things as you decide what to drink. If you brought the bottle, you’re free to pour, but otherwise there are a few rules.
Pouring a glass only to refrain from drinking it is seen as both wasteful and terribly impolite, so you should only pour a drink if you have every intention of finishing it.
Likewise, if someone else brought something totally out-of-the-box that piques your interest, ask before helping yourself, even if the bottle was meant to be shared.
If you notice one of the bottles you contributed to the party hasn't been opened, leaving it behind for your host is usually the proper thing to do and an easy way to say thanks.