Scrambled Egg in steel pan
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The Unlikely Appliance Martha Stewart Uses For Fluffy Scrambled Eggs
Everyone from home cooks to pro chefs have their own way of cooking the perfect scrambled eggs in the morning. A hot pan and a spatula or whisk will never do you wrong, but celebrity chef Martha Stewart has a rather unconventional way of cooking scrambled eggs using an appliance that is meant to make coffee.
Stewart says that she uses her cappuccino machine to make the "softest, fluffiest" scrambled eggs in a "matter of seconds." She cracks eggs into a clear coffee cup, adds a little bit of butter, seasons with salt and pepper, then turns on the steam wand of the cappuccino machine and sticks it into the egg mixture to cook it.
Some fans were skeptical of Stewart's technique, with one commenting, "This makes me so uncomfortable. Who's going to clean the cooked egg off that wand?!" However, "scrambled eggs à la cappuccino machine" might be worth a try if you feel like you're not getting your money's worth for a uni-tasking coffee gadget.