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The Unique Way Tyler Florence Rests Steak For Extra Flavor
Steak lovers know that it's essential to rest your steak for a few minutes after cooking, to keep it from losing its juiciness once you cut into it. Steak expert and celebrity chef Tyler Florence has the perfect technique for resting steak that locks in its moisture and juiciness while also adding extra flavor and richness to the meat.
Resting redistributes juices throughout the steak and allows its muscle fibers to relax after they tense up while cooking, resulting in a more tender cut. Florence takes this to the next level by resting the steak in a bath of clarified butter and herbs, so the steak re-absorbs its juices while also absorbing more moisture from the butter.
Florence recommends filling a baking dish or large pan with warm butter and a few sprigs of aromatic herbs, like rosemary, thyme, or even smashed garlic cloves. This resting technique is also an easier way to add buttery flavor to your steak without pouring hot butter over it, another common technique for enhanced richness.