A plate of homemade stuffing
The Unique Stuffing Marilyn Monroe Loved To Cook
In the book "Fragments" published in 2010, fans get a peek into Marilyn Monroe's life through personal notes and letters, including a handwritten stuffing recipe.
The stuffing is as unique as it is complex, filled with ingredients like sourdough bread, ground beef, turkey liver, raisins, eggs, nuts, parmesan cheese, and spices.
The novelty of this stuffing lies in the use of sourdough bread, which was only common in San Francisco during the 1950s, and the presence of three types of protein.
Monroe specifies shredding the bread, chopping the veggies and boiled eggs, and breaking up the meat and liver into similar-sized morsels so that you get to taste every ingredient.
Preparing, assembling, and baking the stuffing requires at least three hours. Monroe uses the stuffing to fill a turkey or chicken to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Stuffing the mixture inside a turkey or chicken will infuse it with the flavor of the meat while also binding the mixture with turkey renderings as it cooks.