Skillet full of meatballs
The Unique, Salty Meatball Binder That's Already Available In Your Pantry
Meatballs are typically made with ground meat, seasonings, veggies, eggs, and breadcrumbs as a binder, but to add a salty kick, swap out the breadcrumbs for another pantry staple.
Breadcrumbs are useful as a binder and to keep meatballs sturdy but moist. They’re often soaked in milk to create a paste that adds moisture to the meat.
To add another layer of flavor to your meatballs, use pretzels instead of breadcrumbs, which will add more depth thanks to their salty coating and malt-barley notes.
To prep the pretzels, give them a whirl in a food processor or blender to grind them into a powder. You can also place them in a zip-lock bag and crush them with a rolling pin.
Then, simply mix the powder into the meat. To avoid overly salty meatballs, reduce the amount of salt you use and hold back on salty ingredients like feta or anchovies.