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The Unique Method For Preserving Summer Tomatoes
Peaking in August throughout farmers markets all across America, tomatoes are a perfectly delicious sign to show that summer is in full swing. While canning might be a bit intimidating, there is another trick you can try to preserve your summer tomatoes and bring them with you into the colder months.
Due to its high fat and low water content, butter has an impressively long fridge life, and can even act as a preservative for food products. Compound butter, or butter that's been softened and mixed with added ingredients, can last for about two weeks in the fridge, so why not try making some delicious and long lasting tomato butter?
All you need to do is cook fresh tomatoes until they're a jam-like paste and when they’re cooled, mix it into room temperature butter with a little vinegar and salt to kick up the flavor levels. This will last in the fridge for up to one month, and can last in the freezer for three, although if frozen the flavor will decline after a week.