Pig Pickin' cake with a slice taken out, garnished with orange slices
The Unexpectedly Tasty Way Pig Pickin' Cake Got Its Name
Pig Pickin' Cake is a North Carolina regional dessert that consists of vanilla cake, mandarin oranges, and a sweet vanilla-pineapple whipped frosting.
Pig Pickin' cake is frequently enjoyed at summer BBQs, and was traditionally served at large events where whole pigs were roasted and eaten, giving the cake its name.
As cooks picked out pigs to roast for the event, and diners picked apart the pork on their plates, dishes like Pig Pickin' Cake would be served as well.
Baked beans, sweet tea, corn, and mac and cheese are also classic Pig Pickin' partners. To make Pig Pickin' cake, add a can of mandarin oranges to yellow boxed cake mix batter.
After baking and cooling the cake, ice it with a whipped frosting made of Cool Whip mixed with fresh or canned crushed pineapple and powdered vanilla pudding mix.
For a decorative touch, add slices of mandarin oranges on top. Refrigerate before serving to keep the frosting intact, and get ready for it to be devoured, just like a pig pickin'.