Fresh avocados in a vintage dish on the table.
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The Unexpected Way You Should Store Cut Avocado
There are many reasons to love avocado, from its creamy texture and deliciously versatile flavor to the healthy fats and protein it adds to any dish, but for storing avocados, it’s easy to get frustrated. Next time you’re left with half of an uneaten avocado, try using this unexpected ingredient to keep your avocado fresh and green.
While the internet is flooded with tips for storing avocados, there is a straightforward solution that uses an ingredient you almost certainly already have: onion. The sulfur compounds released by the onion function as a preservative, keeping your avocados fresh, so the next time you open one, place half an onion in an airtight container alongside it.
The Kitchn claims ‌the flavors shouldn't blend, so you shouldn't worry about your avocado tasting like onions, but you should still try it first before using the leftover avocado in a sweet recipe like a Matcha Avocado Cheesecake. Even so, you'll be able to keep your leftover avocado fresher for a couple of days longer.