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The Unexpected Way To Elevate Your Oatmeal With An Egg
Oatmeal and eggs are both considered breakfast foods, but they're usually enjoyed separately. However, adding eggs to oatmeal improves its taste and texture, while at the same time providing a boost of protein, and making the meal more filling overall.
Contrary to common belief, adding an egg to your oatmeal will not make it taste eggy, but will instead result in a more custardy and creamier version of the classic breakfast. Instead of adding them separately, like fruits or nuts, the secret is to cook the eggs together with the oatmeal.
Simply combine the oats with the water or milk, cook for six to seven minutes, then add one-quarter cup of egg whites for every half cup of raw oats (if using a whole egg, be sure to beat it first). Stir immediately to create a creamy, fluffy bowl of oatmeal to start your day off right!