Raw onions on a white background
The Unexpected Storage Technique That Will Keep Onions Fresh
Onions can last a whopping three months in the fridge if stored properly. To keep your veggies in prime condition, pantyhose make excellent onion wrappers.
Onions need to breathe to last a while because they absorb moisture more readily than other produce items. Keeping them in a Tupperware or plastic bag will make them spoil faster.
The National Onion Association advises against wrapping onions in bags since the reduced air circulation will begin to make them go bad.
Pantyhose, with its tiny holes, allows enough room for air to get through to keep your veggies nice and dry. You can easily hang them up and keep them out of the way.
Make sure the pantyhose are dry before cutting the legs off and stacking your onions inside. If you’re storing one onion, place it at the bottom and tie a knot above it.
If you want to store multiple onions, repeat the process of sliding one into the leg and tying a knot above it. Try to leave a little space above each onion before tying the knot.
You can hang the pantyhose on a hook, but make sure the room is cool, dry, dark, and allows for air circulation. If you don’t have pantyhose, a mesh bag will work fine.