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The Unexpected Pickle That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Egg Salad
Egg salad is a basic mixture of eggs, mayo, salt, and pepper, but chef Garret Martindale uses a few tricks to make a perfect batch. He says the secret is the creaminess of the yolks, so the eggs should be boiled for 5 minutes and mixed with mayo at a 2 parts-eggs to 1-part mayo ratio, but we can offer you yet another tip for a great salad.
Try adding some tang to your egg salad by using pickled eggs. A blogger at Foodie with a Family says that you can use leftover dill pickle brine to pickle your hard boiled eggs overnight or up to a week, which will add a savory, briny, and flavorful pop to your salad that tastes even better on a sandwich, just like a pickle does.
When making an egg salad sandwich, you want the perfect ratio of egg salad to bread so you can taste both components with each bite, so choose a bread that isn’t overpowering. Chef Martindale suggests using a milk bread, because its subdued sweetness and light texture compliment the egg salad, pickled or not.