A cone of chocolate ice cream
The Unexpected Liquor That Pairs Perfectly With Chocolate Ice Cream
To transform a bowl of chocolate ice cream into an adults-only concoction with a kick, pair it with cognac. Its warmth, spice, and aromatics make it perfect for desserts.
You can blend chocolate ice cream and cognac into a milkshake, or simply assemble a "grown up" sundae by drizzling a slug of cognac over a dish of chocolate ice cream.
The result of the combination is a nutty, creamy, smooth dessert that balances the bitterness and warmth of cognac with the sweet decadence of chocolate ice cream.
When building a sundae, any more than 2 or 3 teaspoons per dish will be overpowering. If you're mixing the cognac into a milkshake, 1 to 2 ounces is enough for a full blender.
While any brand of cognac will work, XO cognacs (a shorthand for "extra old") are a natural fit for pairing with milk chocolate for their rich notes of toffee, chocolate, and nuts.