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The Unexpected Keto Alternative For Frosting
The keto diet involves consuming lots of protein and fat and almost zero carbs or sugar, so even when keto dieters treat themselves to a slice of cake, sugary frosting is usually a no-go. However, if you love chocolate, you should try this easy and delicious alternative to frosting so you can have your cake and eat it, too.
Chocolate ganache is a simple combination of chocolate and heavy cream, and cake that is glazed or drizzled with this rich chocolatey concoction is simply divine. Ganache has a high fat content and is not based on sugar like traditional frosting, making it a great choice for keto dieters; plus, it's easy to make.
You can even thicken the consistency of ganache to emulate the texture of frosting, without adding extra ingredients that can ruin your diet. Simply increase the amount of chocolate so that you're using equal portions of chocolate and cream, or go even further and use two parts chocolate to one part cream.