Seared salmon with rosemary
The Unexpected Ingredient To Increase The Flavor Of Sautéed Salmon
Salmon sauteéd with a few flavorful ingredients is an easy and delicious weeknight dinner. You can switch things up by using a more unconventional sauce.
James Barber, the late, great Canadian chef, enjoyed using an uncommon secret ingredient for delicious salmon filets: frozen orange juice concentrate.
Orange juice concentrate is simply orange juice that has been boiled down to an intense liquid that is sweeter and more citrusy than fresh juice.
Combined with butter and poured straight into the pan with your salmon, frozen orange juice concentrate melts into a sweet and acidic sauce that perfectly coats the fish.
For Barber's recipe, use roughly half a tablespoon of orange concentrate and half of a tablespoon of butter for every 6- or 8-ounce salmon filet.
First, melt the butter and then sear the salmon well. Then add the orange juice concentrate, which will melt down as the sugars will begin to caramelize and bubble up.
The caramelization will also add a nice browned flavor to the dish. The finished sweet, savory, and tangy salmon packs quite the punch with minimal ingredients and effort.