Homemade Guacamole Avocado Dip with Nacho Chips
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The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Punch Up Your Guacamole
The flavors of guacamole are bright, fresh, and oh-so savory, with buttery, salted chunks of avocado paired with sweet fruits, acidity, and spices. If you're feeling creative, you can add bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, or pumpkin seeds, but there's one ingredient that takes guacamole to a whole new level.
Sauerkraut is often eaten as is or incorporated into other dishes, and is made of cabbage and salt, which allows a lactic-acid fermentation process to take place. Many home cooks also add in dill, caraway, dukkah (a type of Egyptian spice), and cardamom seeds for flavorful variations.
Sauerkraut is a tasty addition to guacamole because it adds some hints of saltiness and sourness, which means you can ease up on the lime juice and salt. You can also add this sauerkraut guacamole dip to tacos and scrambled eggs, or really almost any dish you like.