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The Unexpected Ingredient Ina Garten Adds To Coleslaw
Coleslaw comes in many different variations, but it's always a great side dish to balance our rich meats such as fried chicken and barbecue ribs. Celebrity chef Ina Garten has a recipe that combines the classic coleslaw with one unexpected ingredient to create a unique dish.
Garten’s coleslaw starts out pretty standard, with a combination of green and red cabbage to give the salad some color, plus carrots, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, celery salt, fresh parsley, and apple cider vinegar, rounded out by “good mayonnaise.” But Ina takes her coleslaw one step further by adding cheese.
Garten doesn’t add just any cheese; she uses crumbled Roquefort blue cheese, which gives the slaw a tangy, creamy, and pleasantly funky flavor. Garten’s addition might be polarizing for traditionalists, but she tells blue cheese fans, “You’re gonna get a taste of blue cheese in every bite.”