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The Unexpected Ice Cream Tip That Will Majorly Upgrade Your Apple Pie
The fall season is known for its bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables like rutabagas, parsnips, grapes, and of course, apples. Some apples are great for eating raw, while rarities like Granny Smith are perfect for apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top, but you may not have thought about working ice cream right into your pie.
You should consider adding ice cream to your apple pie filling. Strange as it may seem, melted vanilla ice cream adds lots of richness, plus some sugary vanilla flavors; Cook Country’s website details a recipe where ½ cup of melted vanilla ice cream is added to 2.5 pounds of Gala apples, plus cinnamon, lemon juice, and sugar.
This pie filling is then left to "marinate" at room temperature for about an hour before the whole thing is poured into a sheet of crimped pie dough. After baking, the recipe recommends that the pie should rest for four hours or overnight so the apples can "settle," which makes the pie a breeze to slice and creates a rich, robust flavor.