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The Unexpected Food Ina Garten Makes For Extra Special Dinner Guests
Celebrity chef Ina Garten knows a thing or two about entertaining guests, and contrary to the belief that fancy is better, she's found that most people who were more partial to no-fuss, simplistic dishes. It’s no surprise, then, that her go-to cuisine for extra-special guests incorporates her famous laid-back approach.
On her show "Barefoot Contessa," Garten revealed that when she’s expecting an esteemed guest for dinner, she serves up something casual and comforting, like turkey meatloaf. She went on to say that she would opt for a no-frills dining set-up, too: "I serve it in the kitchen […] [because] it's relaxed, and everybody has a good time."
Garten adds that entertaining in the kitchen is a great way to nix any anxiety and make everybody feel more relaxed. When you want to cook to impress and the stakes are high, try not to stress out, cook a tried-and-true, comforting meal, and take Garten's approach to make sharing food a more fun experience for everyone.