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The Unexpected Environmental Benefit Of Using A French Press
The French press is a classic coffee contraption that has stood the test of time, beloved for its simplicity and ease of use. It’s a favorite for many coffee drinkers, since it requires no electricity and still produces a robust cup, but what many don’t know is that using a French press is the best brewing method for the environment.
A French press is one of the only ways to make coffee that doesn't require paper filters. It ranks higher than any other coffee maker in producing the least waste, being the most compostable (coffee grounds are easy to compost, but paper filters sometimes aren't), and using the least energy (assuming you use an electric kettle).
Unfortunately, a French press isn't a cure-all for the coffee industry’s environmental issues, since coffee production itself has more of a negative environmental impact than coffee packaging or brewing. Since not drinking coffee at all is a lot to ask, use your French press to make coffee using ethically-sourced beans.