Shrimp Cocktail with habanero chile cocktail sauce served with a wedge of lemon
The Unexpected Creamy Ingredient That Can Substitute For Cocktail Sauce
Classic shrimp cocktail pairs freshly poached shrimp with a potent ketchup and horseradish sauce, but Thousand Island dressing is a great alternative to switch things up.
Unlike the spicier red sauce, mayo-based Thousand Island is creamier and more tangy. Tartar sauce and remoulade already show how well a creamy sauce goes with seafood.
You'll also get sweetness from the relish in the dressing, acidity from the apple cider vinegar, a little bite from the red onion and garlic, and a hint of ketchup.
You can use Thousand Island in various other shrimp dishes as well, such as shrimp salad. It's even better to make a homemade dressing with ingredients to suit your tastes.