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The Unexpected Container Alton Brown Uses For Rice Krispies Treats
We all have fond memories of favorite childhood snacks, and for chef Alton Brown, Rice Krispies Treats are especially nostalgic. As a kid, Brown used a sneaky method of storing his Rice Krispies Treats so his mother wouldn't know he was eating in the sugary snacks, and he still uses this method today.
Brown has shared a recipe for his ultimate Rice Krispies Treats, which involves toasting the cereal in a wok to bring out the rice-y flavors and browning the butter before mixing it with marshmallows. At the end, Brown doesn't store the treats in a Zip-Loc; he actually puts them right back into the Rice Krispies cereal box.
Brown coats the empty box with cooking spray, then transfers the gooey cereal and marshmallow mixture from his wok to the box and lets it set. He explains, "When I was a kid, I wanted to eat these things without my mother knowing [...] when my mom yelled at me, 'Are you eating candy?' No mom. I'm just eating cereal."