Grilled black angus beef tomahawk steak on bone served with salt, pepper, rosemary, flowing white sauce on round slate cutting board over dark wooden plank kitchen table. Copy space.
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The Unexpected Condiment That Will Elevate Your Steak
Adding sauce to steak can be a polarizing practice, but for those of us who enjoy some extra flavor with our beef, there are plenty of condiment options out there. Most steak accompaniments are on the savory side, but if you're craving some sweetness, try this unexpected addition.
The perfect sweet sauce for your steak just might involve jam. If fruit and meat sounds too far-out for you, just think of turkey with cranberry sauce, duck with cherry sauce, or pork chops with applesauce; the fruity tang of jam can mesh very well with meaty, umami flavors, and the following jams are the best types for steak.
Dark fruits such as blackberries and cherries work well with steak, but don't use jam straight from the jar; combine it with other pantry staples to make a proper sauce. The Kitchn suggests combining minced garlic and onion, a 10-ounce jar of jam, a splash of vinegar, and spices; you can also try savory onion or tomatillo jam.