close up of a pot of rustic mash potato
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The Unexpected Condiment For Creamier Mashed Potatoes
Although butter and milk are the most commonly used ingredients for creamy mashed potatoes, some chefs also add variations like sour cream, cream cheese, or half-and-half to get the perfect consistency. However, this one condiment is all you need to take your mashed potatoes to the next level.
Mayonnaise is especially adept at holding everything together while adding some much-needed moisture to any recipe it’s used in, including mashed potatoes. The emulsifiers in mayo act as a thickening agent, help preserve flavors and consistency, and also make things smooth and creamy.
The good news for people who don’t like mayonnaise is that its taste won’t really be detectable and it helps to make your mashed potatoes ultra-creamy. Start by using a small amount of mayo — a few tablespoons at most — the next time you make mashed potatoes for the perfect texture.