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The Unexpected Benefit To Shopping At Sprouts Farmers Market
Since starting out as a small fruit stand in San Diego, Sprouts Farmers Market has grown into a national chain with more than 370 locations from coast to coast. While Sprouts isn’t the only health food store out there, it boasts the unique mission of carrying new and innovative products that you probably won’t find anywhere else.
Sprouts is the ultimate vision of founder Henry Boney, who wanted to make fresh, natural, and healthy foods accessible and affordable. Sprouts does this by eliminating foods with long ingredient lists, allocating about 90% of shelf space to organic and natural foods, and working directly with smaller brands and up-and-coming businesses.
As a customer, this means you get first access to some of the latest natural products that you won’t find in a traditional grocery store. Likewise, Sprouts is committed to high ethical standards, meaning that when you shop at Sprouts, you are not only buying delicious food while saving money, but also supporting small businesses with responsible practices.