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The Underrated Veggie That Will Give Your Grilled Cheese A Subtle Bite
The ultimate comfort food, grilled cheese sandwiches have several variations these days, like the addition of tomato slices and even avocado. However, if you really want to prepare the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, an underrated vegetable you should add for a delicious bite to your beloved cheesy dish is leeks.
Nothing adds a subtle kick to grilled cheese like raw leeks, with a bite that’s just south of “sharp,” according to Bon Appétit, which recommends mixing uncooked minced leeks with shredded cheddar, along with a little sea salt. Blue Apron agrees, saying that the leek slowly cooks with the melted cheese, offering “tender” and “sweet” notes.
Dairy Farmers of Canada offer a similar take, suggesting making a leek confit using honey and balsamic vinegar to really bring out the savory and sweet elements of this vegetable. However, Bon Appétit reminds grilled cheese lovers to only use the white and pale green parts of the leek because that’s the part of the veggie that offers maximum flavor.