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The Underrated Lettuce Martha Stewart Prefers For Salad
While lettuce may find itself thrown into all kinds of foods, salad is by far its biggest claim, and celebrity chef Martha Stewart has offered her guidance for salads involving lettuces of all kinds of flavor and texture. However, there's a particular soft, petal-shaped head of lettuce Stewart places in her own "preferred" category.
Stewart singles out an often-overlooked type of lettuce for salads: butter lettuce. Calling it one of her favorites, she notes the sweet and tender quality of the leaves, especially when paired with citrus or yuzo and ginger vinaigrette dressings, dipping each leaf in dressing and layering atop hidden slices of avocado.
Butter lettuce is packed with high amounts of Vitamins A and K, iron, carotenoid antioxidants, and Business Insider even calls it the most nutritious of 12 healthy lettuces. While butter lettuce is commonly green, red-leafed butterheads exist, and because of its rounded, petal-shaped leaves, it often serves as the defining ingredient in lettuce wrap recipes.