Olive wood bowl with wheat flour and scoop on white surface with towel
The Underrated Gluten-Free Flour You Should Consider Utilizing
There are lots of flours you can choose for gluten-free cooking and baking, from almond to rice to potato. Another great option you may not have thought of is plantain flour.
When dehydrated, starchy plantain fruits can be ground up and used as a flour. The flour is full of macronutrients, potassium, and fiber, with a nutty and slightly bitter flavor.
To make it at home, you can dry plantain pieces in a dehydrator and grind them in a food processor. The flour can then be used in pies, cookies, pasta, and more.
If you're making bread, plantain flour can replace up to 30% of the wheat flour called for in your recipe. Use another gluten-free flour to make up for the rest of the amount.