Seafood displayed on ice at market
The Underrated Fish You Should Eat More Of, According To A Fishmonger
To expand your culinary horizons, Joe Gurrera, owner of New York City’s Citarella seafood market, has three underrated recommendations: skate, monkfish, and porgy.
Monkfish, also known as the poor man's lobster, are anglerfish with big toothy mouths. Gurrera says they have "a really sweet and dense flesh [...] comparable to lobster."
Skates, sometimes called skate wings, are the wings of a type of ray. They have a mild, succulent flavor and flakey texture similar to scallops.
Porgy is a small fish with a "delicate, almost sweet” flavor that Gurrera compared to the popular red snapper, calling the fish "one of my favorites to eat."
To prepare each fish, look at their flavor twins. Sear skate as you would scallops, substitute monkfish in any lobster dish you love, and pop porgy on the grill or in the oven.