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The Underground Arizona Restaurant That Delivers Food In Buckets
There’s a restaurant in Arizona that is custom-made for adventurous diners, located about 200 feet down into a mysterious stretch of hidden caves, which winds for 60 miles before opening into the Grand Canyon. This place is called the Cavern Grotto, and even the way the food is served is unconventional, to say the least.
The Cavern Grotto is part of the Grand Canyon Caverns complex, a collection of hospitality offerings including an above-ground RV park, campsites, and a Route 66 motel. The restaurant seats 20 people max, and in a nod to the area's mining history, food arrives in buckets hoisted by ropes, pulleys, and a dumbwaiter-style contraption.
After entering Cavern Grotto via pathways, winding stairs, and an elevator, you'll sit at cheery tables on a wooden platform tucked beneath massive stone formations that extend over an open pit of boulders. Offerings by the bucketful include a Caverns meatloaf specialty, steak, fried chicken, and a dessert bar including homemade pies.