Peaches with leaves on dark wooden board with peach in halves with peach seed stone.
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The Under-Appreciated Spice That Takes Peach Flavors Up A Level
Mace is a warming, underrated sister spice to nutmeg that works surprisingly well in desserts. Its complex, aromatic profile makes for an especially great complement to peaches.
The Spice House describes the flavor of mace as being between nutmeg and an orange peel, with a slightly sweet hint of coriander, citrus, and pine.
Nutmeg is a common ingredient in peach desserts, but it can overwhelm the delicate fruit. Mace is here to elevate your peaches' fruity and sweet aroma, with a lighter touch.
For best results, buy red mace "blades," the whole form of the spice. They will break up easily with a grinder or mortar and pestle, and a fresh grind ensures a more potent flavor.
Mace peach pie and mace peach cobbler are only the beginning. Try jarring some spiced peach preserves with mace, or blending the spice into a batch of homemade peach ice cream.
When grilling in the summer, sprinkle some ground mace over halved fresh peaches and toss them on the grill. Or, use a whole mace blade as a garnish for your next peach bellini.