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The Unconventional Ways Alton Brown Uses A Panini Press
Cooking meals for the family can be time-consuming and messy, but celebrity chef Alton Brown's method includes one appliance and fewer messes. Brown shows us how he uses a panini press in unconventional ways to make cooking more convenient.
According to Brown, you can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner using a panini press. His first cooking tip is to cook bacon, then remove it and add a handful of raw spinach to the press, followed by a couple raw eggs, and cook for one minute to produce a spinach omelet to go with your bacon.
For lunch, Brown spreads pizza dough on the grill and brushes it with olive oil, then adds toppings such as herbs and veggies, closes the lid, and after a few minutes, he has pizza! Just don't sprinkle cheese on the top because it will melt and cause a gooey mess.
Brown finishes the day by grilling dinner and dessert on the panini grill: he preps and grills a cornish hen for around 12 minutes, then removes it and leaves the chicken fat on the press to grill fresh asparagus. Brown finishes the meal by grilling fresh peach slices to serve with pie or ice cream.