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The Unconventional Way To Use Up Leftover Mashed Potatoes For Brunch
If you have leftover mashed potatoes from a big dinner, you might be wondering what you can do with them, besides heating them up and eating them as-is. Using mashed potatoes for a breakfast or brunch might be the last thing you'd think of, but this quick and tasty recipe idea will change your mind.
L.A. brunch hotspot Eggslut has started a trend with one unique dish: a coddled (AKA poached) egg served on top of a potato puree in a glass jar. The dish is served with slices of baguette for dunking, just to be extra fancy; however, plenty of cooks are making this elaborate-looking dish at home, and so can you.
To make this yourself, simply pipe your leftover mashed potatoes into a glass jar, then top it with a whole raw egg, seal the jar tightly, and place in a sous vide machine for 30 minutes. Once your coddled egg is done, serve your brunch in a jar with toast or a fresh baguette and join the breakfast potatoes revolution!