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The Unconventional Way To Make Your Next Pressed Sandwich
There are a few tools every kitchen should have, but some appliances, like panini presses, only have one or two purposes and feel a bit unnecessary. With a little creativity, you can make great pressed sandwiches and save money and cabinet space by using equipment you already own.
If you want to make panini at home, consider using a cast iron skillet instead of a panini press. As Taste of Home explains, you can use a cast iron skillet to create the crispy pressed paninis you crave, and this kitchen tool is far more versatile and useful than a clunky sandwich press.
After assembling your panini, pre-heat two cast iron skillets over medium-high heat, add a little oil to one skillet, then put the sandwich in the first skillet and place the second skillet on top, bottom-side down. After a few minutes of waiting, you should have a toasty, beautifully melty panini.