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The Unconventional Way To Make Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes
There are many mashed potato recipes that promise ultra-creamy results by recommending special ingredients or using a special potato ricer. First of all, you should always make sure to use a potato with a high starch content, but this secret tool can also help you achieve the creamiest mashed potatoes ever.
Poppy Cooks shared that the best and most unconventional way to get ultra-creamy mashed potatoes is by using a sieve. A sieve is a tool composed mainly of metal mesh that separates coarse food particles from finer ones, and you can use a rubber spatula to push your boiled potatoes through the sieve.
The holes in the sieve are super tiny, so when the potatoes get pushed through, there are no clumps whatsoever, resulting in ultra-creamy mashed potatoes, similar to French pommes purée. After using a sieve to "mash" the potatoes, fold in melted butter and heavy cream to create a delicious, creamy side dish.