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The Unconventional Way To Add A Touch Of Color To Scrambled Eggs
From butter to cheese to crème fraîche, there are many ingredients that elevate the texture and flavor of scrambled eggs. However, you’ve probably never heard of tips to give your scrambled eggs a touch of extra color, so add this ingredient to make your next scramble look as good as it tastes.
Nothing pairs better with a plate of scrambled eggs than a nice tall glass of orange juice, and as it turns out, the two go well together in the mixing bowl, too. To give your scrambled eggs a more saturated color, add a small splash of orange juice while whisking the eggs before cooking them.
Orange juice not only adds color, but also gives scrambled eggs the faintest hint of sweetness; you can’t taste the orange juice outright, but a subtle citrusy flavor is there. Try this addition next time you make breakfast, and your scrambled eggs are sure to gain a rich, complex flavor and vibrant color.