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The Unconventional Way Alton Brown Makes Restaurant-Quality Sliders
Celebrity chef Alton Brown is known for his creative and sometimes controversial takes on classic recipes from muffins to meatballs. Even with the screen time he had on his popular show "Good Eats," Brown has relegated some dishes to his YouTube channel, and one of these is a recipe for restaurant-style sliders.
The secret sauce in Brown's ideal sliders is "as much yellow mustard as you can stand," as he says in a YouTube video. His addition creates a big difference between his sliders and those from White Castle and other classic burger joints, but Brown does use the requisite steamed onions on top of the patties.
To make his sliders, Brown rolls out a pound of ground beef into a thin, rectangular sheet, spreads yellow mustard and seasonings onto that sheet, and folds it over itself. The patties are then cut into even rectangles with a pizza cutter and taken to the grill to steam over onions; then it's all packed into a bun with dill pickles.