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The Unconventional Step For Juicier Chicken Parm
Traditional chicken parmesan consists of chicken cutlets dredged in seasoned breadcrumbs, pan-fried until golden brown, and then layered in a dish with tomato sauce and cheese to bake in the oven. At its best, the final result should be tender and juicy, but the fact that the chicken is cooked twice can make the meat dry.
If you want to ensure that your chicken parmesan comes out juicy, take inspiration from southern-style fried chicken and use a buttermilk marinade. A buttermilk brine protects the meat from high heat and results in cooked chicken breasts that remain juicy and flavorful, with a smooth, tender texture.
The best buttermilk brine contains plenty of salt and flavorings, to add even more flavor to the meat. Pro chef J. Kenji López-Alt recommends a chicken brine with salt, minced garlic, and fresh black pepper; he soaks the chicken cutlets for at least four hours or overnight before breading and frying them.