Greek god of wine Bacchus.
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The Unconventional Spices Ancient Romans Added To Their Wine
Due to scarce potable water, wine was essential in ancient Roman daily life — it was consumed by everyone, from enslaved people to the elite, as a basic necessity.
Romans drank less refined wine than modern wine, so they added various spices and flavorings to enhance its taste and make it more palatable.
In ancient Rome, Saffron, pepper, cinnamon, honey, and other ingredients were mixed into wine for improved flavor, vibrant color, and medicinal benefits.
Romans often used chalk to filter cloudy wines and counteracted the unwanted effects of such ingredients by adding spices like cinnamon to neutralize the resulting bitterness.
Wine dilution for safety diminished its taste, prompting Romans to modify their wine with additional sweeteners and flavorings for enjoyment.
Contemporary wine typically needs no additives — however, spiced wine and Sangria remain popular, reflecting the enduring influence of ancient Roman practices.